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Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries via our contact form or alternatively you can visit us on Facebook!
professional dog day care software
professional dog day care software

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Dog Collar
Please feel free to contact us to arrange a two hour free trial. This not only ensures that we are the right environment for your fur baby but allows us to assess they fit in with the pack! All dogs must be up-to-date with vaccinations including Kennel Cough, flee treatments and must be neutered if over 1 years old. We will consider puppies if they are getting neutered in the future.


Dog Collar
If your fur baby is already part of the Wagging Tailz pack then please use the below button to log in to your account and book our daycare services.


Dog Collar

1) How do I book a free trial?

You can make an appointment by completing our contact form and requesting a free trial under the message section. This trial allows us to assess the temperament of your fur baby. 

2) Do the dogs fight? 

Generally no, this is why we do the two hour free trial to test and assess how the dog fits in with the pack. We may not always pass your dog as safety is always our first priority. 

3) What sizes do you accept up to? 

We are a small to medium doggy Daycare, so generally up to Spaniel size. However, this is something we also considered in the free trial. 

4) Any other safety aspects I should consider? 

Please note that our outdoor area is fenced in with a 6ft fence. If your dog can jump this then we will not accept them for safety reasons.